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SunRail AdventHealth Station

AdventHealth SunRail Station

SunRail AdventHealth Station is located at AdventHealth's main campus in downtown Orlando, near the intersection of Rollins Street and Orange Ave.

SunRail AdventHealth Station Address

500 E. Rollins Street
Orlando, FL 32803

SunRail AdventHealth Station Schedule

AdventHealth SunRail Northbound Morning Schedule

6:32 AM 7:02 AM 7:32 AM 8:02 AM 8:32 AM 9:02 AM 9:32 AM

SunRail AdventHealth Northbound Mid Day Schedule

11:32 AM 12:59 PM 1:59 PM 3:02 PM 4:02 PM

SunRail AdventHealth Northbound Evening Schedule

4:32 PM 5:02 PM 5:32 PM 6:09 PM 6:39 PM 7:09 PM 8:09 PM 10:39 PM

SunRail AdventHealth Southbound Morning Schedule

5:43 AM 6:13 AM 6:43 AM 7:13 AM 7:43 AM 8:13 AM 8:43 AM 9:43 AM

SunRail AdventHealth Southbound Mid Day Schedule

10:43 AM 12:13 PM 1:13 PM 2:13 PM

SunRail AdventHealth Southbound Evening Schedule

3:43 PM 4:13 PM 4:43 PM 5:13 PM 5:43 PM 6:13 PM 7:43 PM 8:53 PM
**SunRail AdventHealth Station Schedule - last updated 10/24/21

How to Ride SunRail

SunCards Riding SunRail is really easy... SunRail uses a "tap on, tap off" system for charging your trip.

1 Purchase your ticket or SunCard at a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM). Once you have your ticket in-hand, locate one of the multiple validator units available at each station.

Tapping On

2 Tap On your ticket or SunCard at one of the ticket validators and wait for the beep. If you get a green check you are good to go!. If you get a red X, your ticket or SunCard is not accepted.

3 Board the Train

Tapping Off

4 When you arrive at your destination, locate a validator unit on the platform. Tap your ticket again before exiting the station.

AdventHealth Station nearby landmarks and popular destinations:

Orlando Museum of Art
Orlando Science Center
Orlando Shakespeare theater
Orlando Repertory theater
Orlando’s Antique Row on Orange Ave.
Ivanhoe Village
Orlando Loch Haven Park
Orlando Children's Theatre
Bush Theatre
Orwin Manor Park
Museum of American Art

Note: The Orlando Science Center is a five-minute walk from AdventHealth SunRail Station
Orlando Museum of Art is located across the parking lot of the Orlando Science Center.

AdventHealth SunRail Station is connected by
Lynx Bus
Lynx SunRail Orlando Bus Connections

SunRail FaresMaking a connection from SunRail Station to Link buses is easy. Coordinated schedules with LYNX bus services provide seamless transfers.


LYNX riders on a feeder bus route to any SunRail station can transfer free within one county by swiping their bus fare media card at any SunRail ticket vending machine.

Transferring passengers that need to travel multi-county would need to pay $1.00 upgrade for crossing each county line on SunRail.

Note: SunRail does not operate on weekends and Federal Holidays.

LYNX bus routes to AdventHealth Hospitals

Below are bus routes to AdventHealth Hospitals

Orlando Links 102 and 125
Altamonte Springs Link 436N
East Orlando Link 15
Apopka Link 405
Celebration Link 56
Kissimmee Link 108 and 709
Winter Park Memorial Links 13 and 443

Parking at SunRail AdventHealth Station

AdventHealth SunRail Station is located at 500 E. Rollins Street Orlando, FL 32803. There are NO FREE parking at AdventHealth SunRail Station. However parking can be found at the following nearby locations:

McRae Ave Garage
2328 Alden Road
Orlando, FL 32803
(Paid Public Parking)
Alden Street Garage
495 East Rollins Street
Orlando, FL 32803
(Paid Public Parking)
King Street Garage
365 East King Street
Orlando, FL 32804
(Paid Public Parking)

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For more information contact FDOT's Public Information Office at (386) 943-5479

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