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SunRail Fares and Tickets

SunRail fares are based on the distance travelled. Find out how much it costs to ride the SunRail in the Orlando area, how transfers work, your options for reduced fares, and where to buy tickets or a SunCard.

SunRail Fares
# of Counties/Zones Traveled
Reduced One-Way
Reduced Round-Trip
Transfer Upgrade
**Fares are subject to change.

Things you should know about SunRail Fares

SunRail Tickets

One-way and round-trip tickets are valid for travel on SunRail the day of purchase only and are non-refundable.

SunRail uses a "tap on, tap off" system to calculate the exact fare you are charged for your trip.

A base fare within a single county is $2.00, with a $1.00 additional fee for travel across each county line. For example, if you are traveling from Longwood to Downtown Orlando, the one way fare would be $3.00. See map below for County boundaries.

SunRail 50% discount fares are available for seniors 65+, youth (ages 7-18), and the disabled (with government issued valid ID).

Children age 6 and under ride for free with a paying adult (limit 3 per adult).

SunRail - Reloadable SunCards

SunCards The SunCard is the easiest, healthiest way for frequent riders to pay their transit fares. Your SunCard not only functions as a pass, it also hold Prepaid Value. SunCards have a one-time cost of $5 for new cards. After loading your SunCard with funds, you’re ready to ride!

Geared towards the less frequent SunRail passenger, with a Pre-paid, Reloadable SunCard, your fare is deducted based on the distance traveled on your trip. Your SunCard will automatically track paid fares and transfers, so you don't have to and you can add funds to your card as often as needed.

Passengers who use prepaid value automatically receive a 10% bonus when funds are loaded onto a SunCard.

SunRail Pass

A SunCard pass gives you the freedom to ride on SunRail trains as many times as you want for the duration of the Pass (7 days, 30 days or one year). Your Pass will run consecutively after your first Tap On. For example, your 7 day pass will run 7 days from your first Tap On.

If you plan to take multiple trips on SunRail, buying a Pass provides significant savings over one-way and round-trip tickets.

7-Day Plan:

30-Day Plan:

Annual Plan

** All fares are subject to change.

SunRail Zones

What is a SunRail Prepaid Value?

Intended for use by frequent riders, a SunRail Prepaid Value or Reloadable SunCards works just like your bank debit card. With a SunRail Prepaid Value, your fare is deducted based on the distance you traveled on your trip. Reloadable SunCards allows you to place up to $270 onto your SunCard to pay one-way fares and you can add funds to your card as often as needed.

Passengers who purchase a SunCard with Prepaid Value also receive a 10% bonus when funds are loaded onto the card.
SunCards can purchase one at any SunRail station ticket vending machine.
SunCards have a one-time cost of $5 and can carry both a pass as well as hold Prepaid Value.

Where to buy SunRail tickets or card

Buying a ticket or card to ride on SunRail trains is easy. SunCards or Tickets are available for purchase at any Ticket Vending Machine located on all SunRail station platforms. The ticket vending machine works just like an ATM machine and allows you to purchase SunRail Tickets, weekly and monthly passes. The ticket vending machines is also accessible to the disabled.

Riders transferring from a LYNX or Votran feeder bus may also use these machines to swipe their transfer card to obtain a SunRail ticket.

SunRail Discounts

SunRail riders 65 years and older, youth between the ages of 7-18 and those with disabilities as certified by LYNX or Votran receive 50% off their fare. Children age 6 and under ride for free with a paying adult (limit 3).

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